Who/What is Spread the Shred?

Spread The Shred is an organization dedicated to the promotion of snowboarding and everything related; shops, resorts, manufacturers and most importantly the local infrastructure around the Inland Northwest that makes it possible.

It started out nothing but pure childish stoke for snowboarding when we (Zachary Lingo and Martin Beran) were asked to put on a snowboard premier at the Garland Theater.  We ran around like crazy talking to everyone in the local scene and were able to get several awesome sponsors to back our idea and throw down some goodies for the audience.  We hustled like crazy and were totally blown away when 200 stoked shredders showed up on a Thursday night!!

We didn't make any money but who freakin cares, we just threw one of the biggest snowboard premiers in Spokane.

Since then we kept at it and as things grew and got more serious we changed a bit.  We realized that we had the ability to help bring snowboarding to the people.  We figured that with everyone in the community coming together for the Spread the Shred Premier, maybe we could make some money and use it for good.  And that we did!

We partnered with SOS Outreach in 2010, this is an amazing organization that works with at-risk youths and teaches them positive life values via out door recreation (SNOWBOARDING).  They operate all over the nation and promised that the money we raised would stay in the community.  Between 2010 and 2012 we were able to raise enough money to send over 35 kids from the Inland Northwest to learn to shred!!  35 KIDS LEARNED TO SNOWBOARD BECAUSE EVERYONE CAME TOGETHER TO CELEBRATE SNOWBOARDING!

Sorry for yelling, it just gets me soooooo stoked to have been able to make a difference like this.  HUGE HUGE props to everyone who has come out to one of our shows, HUGE HUGE props to everyone who sponsored our shows.  This is all about the community and with this focus we've managed to build the largest and most fun community based snowboard event in the Inland Northwest!

As we come up on our 5th year (2013) we've got some exciting and challenging things planned.  We are going to begin the process of becoming a non profit organization.  We are going to change up the format of our show to allow greater interaction for the attendees and snow sports community.  We are going to establish some regularly occurring events to keep you entertained in the months before and after our annual Spread The Shred premier.

What does this mean for you?  It means more snowboard fun.  More snowboard community.  More helping grow our snowboard community.  Maybe we can get you some free lift tickets too!  We're changing a little but it's going to be awesome!


Thank You!

---Zachary & Martin---